DERBY QUAD. Art as Life. Workshop Dates

New project, commissioned by Derby QUAD.




Monday 14th August, 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday 15th August, 5pm – 8pm

Wednesday 16th August, 2pm – 5pm



Monday 21nd August, 2pm – 5pm

Tuesday 22nd August, 5pm – 8pm

Wednesday 23rd August, 2pm – 5pm



Age: 16+



A series of workshops, reflecting on art and craft production before the industrial period and the loss of artisanal skills thereafter. The project reflects on the loss of identity of the region during a period of industrial change when new communities arrived to serve within the textiles and hosiery mills. We aim to facilitate an intergenerational, intercultural exchange with a view to discuss the essence of a new identity, shaped around hybridity. The aim of this project is to consider art and craft into one seamless entity by exploring the processes within which traditional craftworks were streamlined into mass production, thereby stripping the artisan of their role in society and at the same time their means of self-expression and personal identity. We are looking to work in collaboration with individuals or groups to create a series of art and crafts objects, using reclaimed materials. You will work towards making sculptural objects, inspired by Derbyshire’s pre and post industrial landscape.



Participation is voluntary (unpaid). Cost: FREE

Selected works will be displayed within QUAD Extra Gallery Spaces between 29th September – 19th November 2017.

Contact | 07944 948 392

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