Report Misogyny


Following the women’s march on London, it is evident that we need to practice/learn the art of protest. We will discuss how to pursue progressive, non-violent action and build momentum for causes that we care about while challenging the dominant order. The intent of our actions should be clear and we need to demonstrate that we mean business.

We will use art to discuss ideas and build an inclusive culture around protest. We feel this is a way to begin working collectively, towards a common goal (political change).

We will work towards the following:

– Build solidarity between diverse communities through collaboration and collaborative action.
– Discuss what misogyny actually is and how we can better prepare to call it out in a constructive, meaningful and non-violent way.
– Make artwork which reinforces our ability to send strong messages which do not contribute the current violent and dangerous narrative.

This project is part of a wider campaign, launched by The Nottingham Women’s Centre, in collaboration with the Notinghamshire police, who recently classified misogyny as a hate crime.



The session will focus on the production of banners which aim to encourage women to report misogynistic incidences.

Open to all. Booking Essential. Places limited to 12.

COST: £5. To cover tea/coffee, cake and materials.

Please email to reserve a space.

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